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Overseas Gifting Recommendation (01/23/2010)


Helping Hands Ministries, Inc.

Pre-grant inquiry 



Name of Organization: ___________________________________________DATE:____________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

CITY: _______________________________STATE:__________________

Official Contact Person: Name: ________________Title:_______________

Phone: _____________Fax: ______________ EMAIL: ________________

Date of Formation or Incorporation: ________________________________

Purpose(s) of Grant:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please provide as many of the following documents as possible:

1)    Evidence of the legal status of the organization if applicable ( such as organizing documents, articles of incorporation, trust agreements, charter, tax classification or certification from appropriate authorities);

2)    An annual report or brief description of the organization’s history, goals, mission, recent activities and future plans;

3)    Recent financial statements ( audited financials are preferred);

4)    A list of the grantee’s governing board and key officers;

5)    For domestic grantees, A copy of the latest income tax return;














As you may know, in order for us to be in compliance with U.S. Tax Law, we must ask you to complete the attached annual report form for the grant you received in Month, Year for the GRANT PROJECT DESCRIPTION. Please indicate on this for all expenditures incurred in the LAST FISCAL YEAR related to this DESCRIPTION OF GRANT (Date, Year) grant. For your quick reference, if you previously sent a report to us, I have attached a copy of the annual report form your organization files with us last year.

To meet our deadline, we need to have this information by _______20____. If you cannot send a hard copy to my office by that time, Please fax me the completed form followed by the hard copy via mail. If it is absolutely impossible for you to meet this deadline, please alert me as soon as possible at 706-754-6884 or fax to 706-754-9247. Completed forms should be returned to:                 

Bryan Green, President, Helping Hands Ministries, Inc.

                                                P.O. Box 337

                                                Tallulah Falls, GA  30573



Annual Report of Grantee Organization

Fiscal year 20___


This report summarizes grant activities as of the end of the grantee’s fiscal year ___________




Grantee Name                           Original Grant Total                           Grant


Address                                             City                                           Country


Grant Purpose

1.    Progress made in accomplishing the above Grant Purpose (attach additional pages if necessary):


2.    Itemization of expenditures made from grant funds, including salaries, travel and supplies (attach additional pages if more space is needed)


3.    Grant funds paid as of the end of grantee’s most recent fiscal year:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­


4.    Amount of grant funds unspent as of the end of grantee’s most recent fiscal year _____20___ $_______________. (This Annual Report shall constitute Grantee’s Final Report if all grant funds have been spent).

5. Grantee asserts that it has made all expenditures in furtherance of the 

     stated purpose of the grant.

6. Grantee asserts that it has complied with all of the terms and conditions of the grant specified in the Grant Agreement signed by the Grantee and Helping Hands Ministries, Inc. dated______20___. 

I declare that I am authorized to sign this report on behalf of the above organization, that I have examined the forgoing statements and to the best of my knowledge they are true, correct and complete.

 By: ______________________________________Date:______20_____

 Title: ____________________________________________




Helping Hands Ministries, Inc.• 125 Main Street.• P.O. Box 337 • Tallulah Falls, GA 30573

“Serving since1996”