Amare Micro-Flex Communities

Amare Micro-Flex Communities
Senior & Disability Needs Skyrocketing Daily

Over 11,000 people turn 65 every single day, with the adult disabled losing family caregivers while increasing in numbers monthly. Social Epidemics of every stripe & other community health concerns set records yearly. There is no lack of work to do.

Amare Healthcare Trust’s mission is to provide support to the design, marketing and operation of Early Childhood Education, Senior and Disabled Day Care and Housing through Micro-Communities. The Trust believes that Society’s Problems Can Best Be Solved Through Micro-Flex Community Efforts.
Your donation, of any size, at any time, goes towards solving, individual by individual, needs that can’t be stated enough.
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What is a Micro-Flex Community?
The Amare Micro-Flex Community Solution Provides Smaller, More Flexible & Highly Adaptable Options.

Micro-Flex Community concepts feature partnerships with church, community and government entities looking to provide both daycare to seniors and the disabled, as well housing to at-risk seniors, the disabled (including adult’s with autism), all in an integrated, micro-flex, homelike setting.

By providing smaller homestyle “cottage” housing and “pod” level care, on already tax-free land, communities can maximize demographically desirable services and budgets through flexible, adaptable offerings.

Communities may be developed with Profit-Nonprofit or Public-Private involvement and Private For Profit-Public financing.

Non-Profit Partners maintain control over their land while stewarding a true “highest and best use” scenario for their resources and enhancing their service to the community. Their members gain sources of employment, a place for multi-generational living and vital income to often struggling (Between 6,000 and 10,000 churches close EVERY year – that is between 100 and 200 per WEEK!) non-profit partners.