Bermudez, Sarai – Mission

Hello My Name is Sarai Bermudez. Let me share why missions is so important to me. I want to speak into the lives of others about what God has done for me knowing that he can change any situation around. I want others to know if he did it for me, he can do it for anyone. I want to reflect the Christ’s Love and Mercy to set the captives free and to show his unconditional love, grace and mercy. I want God to use me to be the difference in someone’s life through HIS power and grace.

I am a mother of three beautiful children: Sebastian who is 25 years-old; Alexa who is 22 years-old; and Jonathan Henry who is 20 years-old. My journey has brought me through difficult life circumstances including the experience of rape and abuse during my childhood and becoming a mother in my teen years. These experiences distorted my identity and contributed to making choices that led me down difficult paths. As an adult, God brought healing and restoration. I want to bring that restoration and healing to others.