Bill Gonseaux & Connie Strasheim – Medical

Bill Gonseaux and Connie Strasheim have avidly served the Lyme, cancer, and chronic illness communities for years. Anyone who knows them know that they are extraordinarily generous – so often offering their time and resources through their prayer ministry, books, and individual outreach, even when battling major health issues themselves.
Unfortunately, they’ve recently experienced exceeding hardship and are in need of help. Bill has been battling congestive heart failure for quite some time and the complications which come with that. This has taken a massive toll on them both. After a recent stay at the hospital, he was home for only a short time before he was rushed back to the hospital due to a stroke. Connie is currently doing all she can to be with Bill at the hospital, but her own health conditions are limiting her. As she strains to push past her neurological limitations to help Bill, her health is becoming endangered in a serious way.
Their friends and family are banning together to help them, but it is not enough. We are seeking additional financial assistance for the in-home care that will be required for Bill, as these costs total more than their combined income.
Thank you, greatly, for helping in whatever way you are able. No donation is too small. If you are not able to give monetarily, other ways to help include sharing this fundraiser with your networks and keeping Connie and Bill in your prayers.