Diana’s Medical Fund for treating her Neurological Disorder

Diana’s Story told by Sharon LaBella

I first met Diana, while walking out of a Whole Foods store in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was apparent that she was struggling putting her cart away and getting into her car. She turned and looked up at me with the nicest smile and noticing she did not have groceries in her car, I asked her if I could get anything in the store for her. She thanked me and said there are certain items she purchases at Whole Foods that seem to help her, but she found herself feeling too weak to shop today. We started a conversation that has continued for several months now.

Through our many conversations, I have learned so much about Diana and her illness which has now rendered her unable to drive, homeless and financially destitute. Diana’s family assisted in bringing her to Boise, Idaho but her living situation with them was only temporary. Coincidentally (is it?) she learned of a well renowned wellness clinic for neurological disorders exists literally in Boise!

The physicians’ offer treatment that over time should restore her strength and give her a chance to get her life back. It’s a struggle for Diana to meet her most basic needs and she’s a spirited, faithful and a kind person who finally sees hope in these physicians and their process and treatment.
The doctors start by doing extensive blood work, identify toxicities, and restoring the body to a healthy state. This is a 12-month program. As you can see from the picture, Diana is in urgent need of this medical treatment it’s her only hope to regain her strength and to carry on a normal life.

A dear old friend told me about Helping Hands, what a blessing. I feel in my heart of hearts there’s hope for Diana, finally. I asked her to share more with me about her condition so that I could share more details with you. (Diana has said many times she doesn’t want sympathy, nor has she once asked me for $1). Diana told me she has a combination of chronic illnesses mainly around a severe neurological disorder – neurotoxicity caused by allergic reactions to chemicals creating a hypersensitive sensory system which causes predisposition to migraines in addition to an auto-immune deficiency. She most recently has developed severe neuropathy and has trouble walking, she is now using a cane. When I met her in July, she was somewhat unsteady and fragile in appearance, but able to walk and drive.

Thank you for reading this and for considering assisting Diana in her journey to restored health.
God Bless.