Genee White Fund

This year on her birthday our friend Genee was diagnosed with breast cancer. Living a healthy and active lifestyle and having no history of breast cancer in her family, this came as a shock. The first month was a barrage of emotions and information overload. Initial test results have determined she is at Stage 3b and could possibly be Stage 4 since it has spread to her lymph nodes. She has met with many professionals and further testing is pending the path of treatment she will pursue. We will update you through this site.
Genee currently works two part time jobs and is pursuing her graduate degree in Equine Therapy.

Genee is a single Mom raising her youngest daughter, Fayth.
Expenses are growing as there are many appointments that have caused her to miss work. Additional expenses are from doctors recommending she eat an organic healthy diet and incorporate pharmacy grade supplements to prepare her body for treatment.
Prayers for her to partner with God as she makes life and death decision, and to hear him clearly on the path she should take would be greatly treasured.
If you have financial means to help support her expenses, this would help her burdens immensely