Ishmael and Meghan Lowery Called to Ministry

My name is Ishmael Lowery and with my lovely wife, Meghan, we serve as local missionaries in the Catawba Terrace neighborhood located in Rock Hill, SC. We currently have a 1 year old daughter named Azaria.
For the past 3 years we have connected with the families of the Catawba Terrace Care Center by mentoring children and facilitating youth programming with these 3 main objectives:

Share the Gospel and Gods uncompromising Word.
Introduce & teach valuable life skills.
Building relationships through fun and engaging activities.

We strongly desire to bolster this call by pursuing a theological education. With God ultimately determining the location of our work, the nature of our work remains the same; Preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus and be His hands and feet by supporting educational, nutritional and social needs of families.

I’ve recently been accepted to Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis MO. where I will pursue a Master of Divinity degree. My Wife will participate in the Spousal Program during our tenure and we plan to engage this journey as a team! We ask that you join us on this journey by supporting us financially towards a theological education