Katie McGinnis – Hip Reconstruction Surgery

Katie McGinnis has served as the Director of Psychosocial Services for Family Legacy Missions International, a large ministry in Zambia that provides holistic care for 14,000 orphans and vulnerable children since 2017.  She has also worked in a variety of children’s hospitals and pediatric healthcare facilities while living in Uganda, Kenya, and the US, and she is passionate about improving psychosocial care for children in developing nations.  In December 2019, Katie was diagnosed with severe bilateral hip dysplasia, which can only be corrected by undergoing 2 major hip reconstruction surgeries and 2 minor hardware removal surgeries.  Katie had her first PAO hip reconstruction surgery and hardware removal surgery in 2020 on her right hip, and she will be having her 2nd round of surgeries on her left hip in June and Dec 2021.  The full recovery time for each surgery is one year, and she has extensive out-of-pocket medical costs related to the surgeries, the lengthy recoveries (including intensive physical therapy/rehab), and living expenses while recovering in the US.

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