Lawrence and Nikki Morford

On Friday May 12th, Nikki received a phone call that No wife or family member ever wants to receive. Lawrence was is a terrible accident while doing some work up at Paradise Campground and a tree fell on him crushing him. He was airlifted to Peace Health, but his injuries were too serious so he was airlifted to OHSU and has been in ICU. Lawrence has multiple injuries which include a broken femur, broken pelvis, broken ribs, and broken vertebrae. He’s going to need surgery for most of these and just recently (today 5/14) had surgery on his femur with a metal rod put in. Lawrence is on a very long road for recovery. Nikki and Lawrence have 2 boys, Ethan and Evan. With Lawrence in the hospital for recovery, they will need help paying medical bills, rent, and food. These two have big hearts and are always going out of their ways to help their neighbors and friends as much as they possibly can, and I am asking if we can help their family this time. These funds will strictly be used to help Nikki get buy and manage to pay the bills and feed her family all while supporting her husband. If you are not able to donate, that is ok just please share this so we can get it out there. Thank you to all of you for all of your support and your prayers for their family, please continue to send good vibes and prayers their way.

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