Lisette Flynn – Help Support the Children

Hi my name is Lisette. I am a single mother of 6 biological children. I’ve raised my brothers children as well as 3 other children whom were removed from bad situations. I have since raised them to become self sufficient adults.

I love kids and helping people. It’s my job to help others. I do my best and try not to ask others for help. But at this time, I need your help and support.

The children I currently care for have some critical, complex, and life threatening conditions. Lucas my 9 year old has a cardiac disorder and has suffered 2 heart failures both requiring surgery. Cheyenne who is 13 also has a cardiac disorder. She will be facing heart surgery in the next few months. Wyatt who is my little warrior suffers from many conditions. He has a life threatening neuro degenerative brain disease which is progressive disorder and there is no cure. He is on oxygen and needs 24 hour nursing care. Now because his heart and breathing stops Wyatt is on a ventilator to sustain his life.

I am currently working full time in emergency medical services doing everything myself trying to provide safety and security for all of us. It is not easy. My house is in severe need of help to make it a safe and comfortable environment for these precious kids.

I’m truly blessed to have them call me mother and i am truly grateful for everything I’ve able to give them. All I want is for them to have the best life possible. I just a need a little help from those with giving hearts who love children as much as I do.