Lyme Warriors

Please support the Cantrall family as they have 3 children presently battling chronic Lyme disease. According to the CDC, Lyme disease “is the most commonly occurring vector-borne disease and the sixth most commonly reported notifiable infectious disease.” According to, “If the person goes on to develop late Lyme or chronic Lyme, the costs skyrocket and we are looking at over $20,000 per person in costs annually.” The traditional treatments of antibiotics have not rid the Cantrall children of the disease. Thousands of dollars of out-of-pocket expenses have gone into treatments and are still required for treatments. Helping Hands Ministries will distribute your gifts directly to the medical clinics, doctors, pharmacies and other service providers who support the Cantrall family.

Lyme disease has taken its toll physically, emotionally and financially on each of the children:

Haddie: Haddie has suffered the most in the battle against Lyme and its confections. She has seen dozens of doctors, endured misdiagnosis, was so weak that she spent a portion of her teen years in a wheelchair and was recently described by one of her doctors as “functionally malnourished” due to the effects of battling Lyme. Her present symptoms include brain fog,
debilitating FULL body pain, anxiety, depression…all of which keep her from living a normal life.

Maggie: Maggie has also worked with multiple doctors and undergone many treatments as she suffered a lifetime with the effects of Lyme. She is currently using neurofeedback treatment called ClearMind to help battle the neurological effects (brain fog, insomnia, etc.) of chronic Lyme.

KiKi: Micaiah (KiKi) was diagnosed at age 9 and underwent herbal treatments, antibiotic treatments and the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. He took a rest from treatment as herxheimer reactions wore him out, prohibiting this usually energetic boy from running cross country or participating in German dance lessons. He will begin antibiotic treatment again.

Thank you for reading about, praying for and supporting the Cantrall family!