Susan Amiss – Missions & Ministry Africa

I’m Susan Amiss.
I have been a disciple of Jesus Christ and have loved the Lord for 51 years. In my service to the Lord, I have participated in serving the homeless, working in prison ministry, Bible studies in nursing homes, and have completed seven years of Biblical studies culminating in a Master of Divinity in 2015.

Three years ago the Lord Jesus put me in contact with African pastors who had begun churches in Kenya. These pastors were hungry for deeper teaching in the Word of God. I was asked to teach them via Skype. I have been teaching the Bible to pastors serving in Africa for three years come July 2019. I was privileged to go for three weeks Summer 2018 and see my brothers and sisters “ana kwa ana” (face-to-face).

I’m planning to go again Summer 2019 for four weeks, visiting not only the churches and centers in Kenya; but also visiting the newly established Bible schools in Uganda, Rwanda Burundi, Congo, and Ethiopia. I work with Rev. Patrick Njuguna of Nairobi, and am trying to raise money not only for my travel expenses, but also for needs “on the ground” there. Such as: Bibles, textbooks, computers, and tuition toward classes at BIBU – Breakthrough International Bible University – founded by Patrick Njuguna, and a car for ministry personnel to travel to different centers and churches.

Thank you for your support for teaching the Bible and your participation in the advancement of the Kingdom of God.