Tom Halper – Osteoarthritis Diagnosis needs Surgeries

My name is Tom Halper and I’ve worked in law enforcement for the last nineteen years at the Dolores County Sheriff’s Department, Telluride Marshal’s Office and most recently the Town of Rico as part-time Marshal. Catching bad guys and keeping our community safe consists of long hours and lots of physical stamina. I loved my career, and helped lead my department to numerous successes and many accolades. I’ve also received two life-saving awards from the town of Telluride.

I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis, the kind that cuts off the blood flow to the bone. The doctor told me I had the worse hips he has seen, and he does over two hundred surgeries a year! I’m unable to walk with out a limp or without pain and it’s gotten much worse in the last 6 months.. The pain keeps me up at night, and aggravates me by day. My mobility has become very limited and I can not be on my feet for very long without intense pain.

I simply can not live with this pain any longer. It does not go away and it is relentless. I’m scheduled to have my right hip replaced in mid June, but I’m on the cancellation list so hopefully sooner! The surgery is going to cost $40K per hip. My left hip would also have to be replaced shortly after my right is healed and then the whole healing process will begin again. This means we need to raise a total of $80K.

I would not wish this pain on anyone! If anyone has had bone pain, they can tell you it is a nightmare you don’t wake up from. My quality of life has gone from protecting the public to not wanting to get dressed in the morning because it takes too long and hurts too bad.

The money from this project would be used to help me pay for the surgeries, recuperation, medical costs, physical therapy, and assist with monthly bills while I recover. The doctor told me that I can expect to experience a full recovery with hard work and determination, I should be able to return to the career that I love! I can’t even remember what it was like not to be in pain or even what it was like to be able to bend down and pick something off of the ground without shooting pain. If I were able to get my hips replaced I would go back to being the best cop I can be! That’s who I am!!!

Thank you to anyone who donates even a little bit to help me recover, and get back to good health and the life I once knew. My family and I appreciate everything.