Aaron Clint Fisher

Clint Fisher is the Dean of Students and Families at Perimeter School and Church in Atlanta, GA. He is dedicated to helping students grow in their faith and maturity and equipping families to truly see kingdom impact within the lives of those entrusted to him. In the Fall of 2023, Clint will begin his counseling degree to become further prepared to shepherd and disciple students and to assist families facing life issues and struggles that hinder spiritual growth. He will also study counseling research and professional skills to aid in life-on-life discipleship for students within today’s challenging culture. Clint’s prayer and desire are to see students grow deeply in Christ during their early education years and to see families better supported so that they continue to facilitate that growth in the home. He believes that the counseling degree from Richmont will qualify him further to accomplish these goals. He is excited to see generations come to know the God who loves them and for those generations to be able to live redemptively for God’s glory and for the sake of others. He is sincerely grateful for your partnership and financial support.

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