We assist business and individual donors in fulfilling their objectives through tax-exempt giving to deserving entities and individuals in need.


We perform extensive due-diligence to qualify recipients as to need and to assure donors their giving meets all IRS guidelines.

Flexible Giving Options

We provide options for one-time gifting, the ability to arrange multiple distributions from one gift, or to one recipient on a recurring basis.

Who We Are

Helping Hands, Inc. is a registered 501c3 charity organization dedicated to God’s calling to serve others. We have the privilege of providing direct assistance to qualified individuals in need and charities, both locally and internationally.

Through a careful review process all projects are confirmed as legitimate by our project managers. Donors are assured all projects on our web site represent individuals or charities in true need of assistance.

Based on each unique circumstance, we strive to accommodate a specific need through the generous giving of others.

Contributions made through Helping Hands are tax deductible.

Our core values are built around a caring and sharing vision that God has given us, to support and assist those who need it most. By creating a community and network of donors and recipients, we can provide assistance to: disaster victims, individuals with medical conditions, foreign organizations providing charitable work, international students, as well as many other projects that need support.

How We Became the Charitable Giving Experts

When you have a Founder like Terry Parker, who believes that with God all things are possible, you are able to do things that seem unimaginable. His leadership, innovative perspectives and proven processes have redefined charitable giving. His wisdom and dedication, that came through seeking God’s vision, led the development of a game-changing framework and process that is completely unique to Helping Hands. When you have God’s blessing on Terry’s expertise combined with the knowledge and passion of our CEO Bryan Green, and then you add a fully committed team who loves helping others, you are able to do things that nobody else can do. THAT is the combination that has allowed us to provide a greater way to give, earning us the title of the Charitable Giving Experts.

The Easiest Way to Give

If you feel called to give but not to a specific cause, you can choose to give to our General Fund. This fund enables Helping Hands to offer discretionary assistance to individuals in need and other 501c3’s who do not currently have donor support, or those where support falls short of immediate need. Without this valuable fund, Helping Hands cannot intervene with interim financial assistance. Please consider a gift to our General Fund as you donate to one of our approved projects.

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