Aaron and Courtney Reimann

Please help Aaron and Courtney during this hard time. Full bio coming soon.

Devon McDonald

Please help Devon continue his Ministry work. Every donation is appreciated!

Northcoast Premier Sports

A family who is passionate to spread the love of Christ through the game of basketball, the Mark & Sarah Zichterman family established this “Helping Hands” fund to help cover expenses for participation in the Northcoast Premier Youth […]

Helping Hands Ministries – General Fund

All donations go to making a difference in people’s lives. Give someone a helping hand today. Your donations are appreciated.

Tucker Freeman & Amanda Akers

All donations to help with funeral expenses are greatly appreciated.

Seann and Morganne Maxwell

Please help support Seann & Morganne.

Elizabeth Ray

Please help Elizabeth with her on-going medical expenses. All gifts are appreciated.

Jamie & Justin Wasson

Please help support Jamie and Justin with on-going medical expenses. All donations are appreciated.

Rita Gibson

Please donate to help Rita through her financial crisis. All contributions are greatly appreciated!

Julianna Clayton

Please help support Julianna’s medical costs. All donations are appreciated!

Kyle Rohweder – Medical

Please help support Kyle through this hard time. All donations are appreciate and go directly towards medical bills.

Harry and Nancy Lucenay

Please help support Harry and Nancy as they continue their missionary work! All donations are appreciated.

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