Debbie Richards – Medical

  “Debbie Richards is truly one of the most genuinely positive and kind people on the planet. A lifelong Des Moines-area native, she’s a wonderful mom to her daughter Ellie and was a loving partner to her beloved […]

Jami Green – Financial Hardship

“Jami is a single mom of five and recently lost both of her parents unexpectedly. She need financial assistance to move so that she can start a better job. Please consider supporting this project so that Jami and […]

Lawrence and Nikki Morford

On Friday May 12th, Nikki received a phone call that No wife or family member ever wants to receive. Lawrence was is a terrible accident while doing some work up at Paradise Campground and a tree fell on […]

Iris Baker

After having to be on disability a few years ago, life as I know it changed forever. Then, I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and, as everyone would know, living on a fixed income and having […]

John (Coleman) Horton

Coleman was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer with metastases to the liver and abdominal lining on April 9th, 2020. He has endured several courses of chemotherapy, radiation, and many surgeries since then. Unfortunately, the cancer has continued […]

Christopher Blackwell and Family
Steve and Meredith Dancause

Since Early 2022, Steve and Meredith’s daughter Imogen (12) has been struggling deeply with a mental health crisis related to Severe Major Depression and Anxiety. Steve and Meredith are both full time pastors of a small church in Edmond […]

Cindy Williams

Help for Mama Mia   Before her stroke 2 months ago, my mom, a.k.a. “Mama Mia”, was the rock of the family; full of energy, she cared about nothing other than taking care of her family.  Now she […]

Kim Rodriguez

I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage 3 metastatic breast cancer in October of 2021 and completed surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. In January of 2023, my cancer returned along with a second type of breast cancer. […]

Freddie and Melissa Wagner

This is the day in the middle of a terrible snowstorm having been in the hospital for 2 months. It was one of the most joyous days of my life because I was still alive after having lost […]

Catherine Spearman
Gregg Thomason

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