Adrian Mason

Adrian Mason, a 34-year-old minister from Houston, Texas, has a story that speaks of resilience, faith, and unwavering commitment to his calling. His life took a dramatic turn in September 2022, plunging him into a journey filled with both profound challenges and remarkable triumphs. Last year, Adrian’s journey included 21 hospital stays as he faced: – Battling kidney failure – Dealing with congestive heart failure – Carrying 30 pounds of fluid around his heart, lungs, and legs – Losing his ability to walk, leaving him forced into a wheelchair, a walker, and ultimately bed-bound – Losing his independence – Embracing the role of a caregiver – Struggling to perform the simplest tasks – Losing his financial independence Despite the constant threat of death, Adrian refused to succumb. He knew his life had a greater purpose and a mission for the Kingdom of God that he was determined to fulfill. In the midst of his trials, he thought of others, including those reading his story now. Adrian’s faith has been his cornerstone. Christ lives in him, providing strength and a reason to keep moving forward. Throughout every ordeal, he never felt abandoned by the Lord. He clung to hope and maintained his unwavering faith, despite the advice from many to focus solely on himself and forget about others and the church. Adrian’s confession is powerful: “God is a Healer and Will MAKE me WHOLE‼️” He shares his story to offer encouragement, knowing that someone out there needs to hear it. His journey is a testament to the power of faith and the indomitable human spirit. Adrian’s mission is not just about his personal recovery; it’s about inspiring others to see the light in their darkest moments and to never give up. Now, Adrian is focused on rebuilding his life and continuing his ministry, but he cannot do it alone. He needs your support to keep moving forward and to help others facing similar struggles. Your contribution can make a significant difference, enabling Adrian to regain his strength, restore his independence, and continue his work for the Kingdom of God. By supporting Adrian, you are not only helping one man heal and thrive; you are contributing to a larger mission of hope, faith, and resilience. Your generosity will ensure that his story of overcoming immense adversity continues to inspire and uplift countless others.



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