Joshua and Gabriella Gaigg

To whom it may concern,

      I received a phone call in June 10th, saying my husband, Joshua, had collapsed at the gym that morning, and had been rushed to the  hospital after being resuscitated. In a cloud of shock, I hurriedly rushed with our nine month old baby girl to the New London general hospital. My mother and brother met me there, and we were told my husband had suffered a heart attack. He was non-compliant when they had resuscitated him, and wasn’t able to breathe on his own.

       He was flown to Appleton, where he was rushed to the ICU. Cardiovascular experts were there, and informed us that after running several scans, nothing was found wrong in Joshua’s system. No blockage of the heart, nor any weakness or abnormalities that would explain his sudden heart attack. There was fear as to how long his brain had been without oxygen, and how substantial the trauma could be to his mind.

      Me, along with family and friends prayed unceasingly. Joshua did wake up, on June 12th, with his mind fully intact. Nurses and doctors were shocked that there seemed to be no loss of memory, or motor function. It was truly a miracle to me.

     Joshua’s doctors are recommending a defibrillator be implanted into him, however this would make Joshua unable to continue his current career as a lineman. As we look forward towards the next steps in this journey, hospital bills come clamoring from behind us. We have friends and family around us who have asked how they can donate already, and we are grateful for their generosity. We would like to be able to allow them to donate to us, within the context of a 501c3.

       We thank you for considering our application, and thank you for your time,

                    -Gabriella and Joshua Gaigg

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