Will Carney
Tim and Patti Brown

Tim became sick in mid-August after complications from a hip replacement revision due to an ongoing infection. In early November, his health took a more serious turn when he was admitted to the hospital with shortness of breath, […]

Edwards Family

Edwards Family Nadia tragically lost her husband, Eric, while he was at a river with their children this past July. One of the children fell into the river and was struggling. Eric jumped in to help but drowned […]

Alexandria Pina Barba

My name is Alexandria Barba. I’m 26 years old. I got married to my high school sweetheart early this year. This past July my life completely got turned upside down. After 6+ months of being sick, not feeling […]

Parkins Family – Baby Zeke

Baby ‘Zeke’ was born May 8, 2023, with a tumor in his mouth (called a Teratoma) and a growing mass behind his eye. Soon after delivery Zeke required his first surgery, removing the large tumor from his mouth and a […]

Gretchen Naugle

The family and friends of the Naugle family are devastated by the loss of Gretchen Naugle. She passed away after a long but faith-filled battle with cancer on Monday, December 4, 2023. She is survived by Lukas, Brigitta […]

Dean Turbeville
Bobo, Benita & Dexter

“For those of you who might not know, my wife 32-year-old Benita, has been battling stage 4 bile duct cancer since November of 2019 and is as strong of a fighter as they come. She has continued to […]

Roger and Stacey Swedzinski

As many now know our mom Stacey Swedzinski was recently diagnosed with a very aggressive form of non-small cell squamous carcinoma which metastasized to her bones (ribs, hips, right leg) and her liver. Because of the extent of […]

Matt Nicolosi Giving Fund

This past Summer my husband Matt started having some back pain. We chalked it up to his many jobs where he does a lot of manual labor. Eventually the pain got worse, keeping him up at night and […]

William and Deanna Williams
Jody O’Callaghan

Friends, For many years, I have been struggling to resolve a myriad of symptoms that are progressively eroding my vitality and quality of life.  Numerous specialists have been consulted to no avail. Functional medicine has provided some temporary […]

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