Julia & Anya Rider – Mission Trip

Anya: Hi! My name is Anya Rider. I love sketching, playing piano, listening to music, reading, and hanging out with friends. I volunteer with the children’s ministries at my church. I went to Mexico last year on a […]

Jayveon Jackson
Melody Balleto
Conner Barton

On May 16th, Conner’s mom Cristina was at a doctor’s visit for Conner’s younger brother, Corbin. While the nurse was in the room, Cristina took the opportunity to ask the nurse about a small bump on Conner’s leg. […]

Kenya Baptist Theological College
Emanate International Humanitarian

Mission: To promote organizations and approaches that help people in developing nations to flourish autonomously and sustainably. Our vision is that people in developing nations would be equipped and supported with dignity to have full ownership and agency […]

Rick and Melanie Creel

After noticing some initial short-term memory deterioration issues in late 2020, Melanie received an initial diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, which is within the Dementia spectrum. With that diagnosis, medication was started and all baseline testing was done, including brain scans, […]

“Minnie” Mary Fischer
Sarasota Community Shoe Drive
Angelina Kemunto

Angelina Kemunto’s orphaned grandchildren Rodgers and Milkah, wish to improve Grandma’s living conditions. She lives in  a hundred-year-old-sod house requiring continued patching with cow dung. The 24 Ft by 12 Ft one room (SQ) servant quarters designed with […]

Katie Bruce
Kathy Magee

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