Soweto Junior Centre

Dear friends ,

Soweto Junior Centre is a primary school located in Kibera, on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. With a population of over 1.5 million, it’s the second largest slum in sub–Saharan Africa. Coupled by high unemployment rate and lack of job opportunities, most of the people live on an average income of less than $2  per day and poverty is prevalent.

Soweto Junior Centre is a faith-based organization that receives absolutely no government funds, despite being overseen by the ministry of education. Soweto Junior Centre teaches classes ranging from k—5, it has a population of 300 youngsters aged 4—12 years old.The school takes in poor and vulnerable children regardless of the ability of the parents to pay the school fees. No child is turned away from school as we also teach them the love of Jesus Christ.

Currently we’re building six new classrooms, a computer lab, a library, and workshop. Therefore, we are requesting for your prayers and generous contributions to enable us to complete this project. Also, we plan to build a five-floor rental apartment in our five-year plan to generate income that would sustain the school. God bless you all.

Warm regards

Geoffrey Juma.

Soweto Junior School.


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