Joel and Angel Ballew

Mission Statement: 


We are a family of missionary servants, proclaiming Jesus and his redemptive message in Barranquilla, Colombia, and throughout South America through the Gospel and Creative ministry. We exist to see South America saturated with the Gospel so that every man, woman, and child has a growing relationship with Him.


Quick Paragraphs:


Our MISSION is to proclaim the good news of God’s grace to cities and beyond through local pastors. We take seriously the call to love our neighbors by serving our community. We believe that God works in the business community and can impact communities significantly through economic/business leaders. Our focus is planting new churches in Barranquilla, Colombia, and around South America.


Our VISION is to utilize a co-working business to allow us freedom and capital to create a church planters incubator that is teaching Jesus-centered, evangelistic-minded, and community-based church to local pastors desiring to see the Gospel change their communities. The incubator exists to evangelize, disciple, and teach. The co-working space invites the community into a non-traditional space to hear the message of Christ’s death and resurrection.


The Ballews are at the forefront of Business As Missions (BAM) in Barranquilla, Colombia, introducing a transformative coworking space concept. This innovative venture serves as both a dynamic hub for business professionals and a nurturing environment for local pastors to incubate church plants. Through strategic alliances with international church planting networks and Christian business leaders, they envision replicating this model across Central and Latin America, creating a ripple effect of Gospel impact and community empowerment. With a dual focus on business and ministry, the Ballews’ initiative embodies a sustainable strategy to advancing the Kingdom and creating evangelistic and discipleship opportunities.


We see the need for the local church planter. The incubator will be a place for 6-8 local church planters or new pastors to have on-the-job training for 1 year. The program will work through community engagement, church administration, discipleship training and other key aspects. Throughout the course of one year, the pastors will grow a church plant and learn from seasoned pastors, while doing all this in a tight-knit group for accountability and support. The incubator plans to partner with valuable networks like City to City, Acts 29, and others to reach the unreached in the city for God’s kingdom.


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