Tami Reichart

After an initial brain tumor diagnosis for a benign meningioma in 2014, Tami underwent life threatening, but successful surgery that removed 85% of her tumor. Over the following eight years, the 15% that was left continued to grow and required an additional and more damaging surgery on November 11, 2022 and ensuing treatments and rehabilitation. Tami emerged from that surgery with half her body paralyzed from head to foot. Her rehab, gritty discipline and God’s grace have since given her substantial recovery but left her and Andrew with tremendous financial pressures. Because of her current limitations, Tami had to leave her work with Compassion International and the Reicharts face a long list of expenses including ongoing rounds of therapy, specialized driving training, refitting her car to drive with only her left side, MRIs not covered by insurance, anticipated targeted proton radiation treatments, and many other expenses. These expenses add up to at least $29,095 needed for 2024 alone.


Tami and Andrew wish to express their deep gratitude for gifts already given and for the ongoing support they continue to receive from their dear friends and family.

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