Israel Alvarez

Please help Israel. Due to a financial hardship stemming from a medical issue he is facing eviction.

Stephanie Pasquarella

Please help Stephanie through this hard time. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Terrence and Margaret Melton

The Melton’s have been a huge part of the local community and Hebron Christian Academy for the last 8 years, where dad Terrence serves as a teacher and football and track coach. Mya’s 6 siblings all attend HCA, […]

Brad & Laura Cruse

After more than a year of back pain, an MRI this past March revealed that Brad had a tumor growing from his spine.  Biopsy results confirmed that it was a chondrosarcoma, a rare cancer in a difficult place.  […]

Homeland Orphanage (Samuel Kayemba)

All contributions are appreciated. Thank you for choosing to help.

Bethany Alms
ChildAid Eastern Europe

Your donations are needed to make a difference in the lives of children. Please help today.

St. Michael’s Church – Chester Square

All donations are appreciated and will go to support St. Michael’s Church.

Sandi Horsley

Please help support Sandi through this hard time. All donations are appreciated.

Andrea & Jason Moore
Rita Gibson

Rita Gibson and her Grandchildren need a new home. Rita Gibson’s husband died in recent years, leaving Rita to care for her granddaughter Abigail by herself with a little help from her daughter. In January of 2020, Rita’s […]

Brad & Christine Fly

Please help support Brad and Christine through this hard time. All donations are appreciated.

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