Andres Bedoya



Over the last decade or so, the church in Latin America and particularly in Colombia has seen remarkable growth. Nevertheless, the countries that comprise the continent’s southern region—with their gifted pastors, evangelists, community leaders, and diverse ministries—often lack important resources. They also face deep social challenges that threaten the fruitfulness of the body of Christ and its impact on the world. These challenges confront theological education with the challenge of responding astutely to the challenges faced by the continent’s Christian communities.

I believe it’s for these reasons that during my theological studies at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia and since my graduation in December of 2022, God has called me to lean into engagement with theological education in Latin America and especially in Colombia. My call is to participate in the training of ever more theologians and pastors. My vision is that increasing numbers of churches might be planted and ever more missionaries and evangelists commit to the extension of the kingdom in ways that are characterized by love, truth, integrity, and a zeal for seeing God glorified.


The vision that God has placed in my heart is to contribute to the flourishing of the church in Colombia by serving in institutions like the Biblical Seminary of Colombia that are committed to the formation of brothers and sisters. I long to see the body of Christ in Colombia flourishing in a holistic way. In order to realize this vision, I need to undertake graduate studies, beginning with a Master’s Degree and then moving on to a doctorate. I have decided to apply to four Master’s Degree programs: at Wheaton College Graduate School (M.A. in Biblical Exegesis), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Master of Theology), Fuller Theological Seminary (M.A. in Theology), and Asbury Theological Seminary (Master of Arts in Biblical Studies).

I will submit my application on November 1 to begin the master’s degree in the Fall of 2024. On 1 December, I will receive the results of the application. I have also been concentrating on improving my English, a component of this process, as I will be taking the TOEFL test on the 24th of October this year. At the same time, I have been investing my energy as a contracted project worker in several initiatives aimed at providing high-quality training in biblical languages under the supervision of Dr David Baer, a professor at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia and the director of the Theological Education Initiative (TEI). This experience has allowed me to see first-hand TEI’s strategy of developing a cohort of missional scholars dedicated to carrying forward theological education in Latin America and globally.

If you’re interested in joining this adventure, I’d love to be able to count on you! I’ve already received a first donation of $500, and am looking for additional partners those who can join me in this journey with the goal of raising $6,900 dollars to cover the applications and anticipated travel to one of the institutions I’ve mentioned. This first step will pave the way to the location at which I hope to study. Once there, I’ll be dependent principally upon hoped-for scholarships. I will of course keep any partners informed month-on-month as circumstances evolve.

I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to share with you this new adventure on which I believe God is leading me and for the privilege of having you consider joining me.


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