August White Recovery Fund

August White is 24 years old and has been battling major gut and liver issues for 18 years now.  August has been in and out of hospitals all over the country during that time.  After the recent death of his oldest brother from an accidental fentanyl overdose, August’s health took a major turn for the worse.  He was able to get help in time to save his life but faces a long uphill battle toward deep and lasting remission.  August has been away from home and staying with friends while undergoing treatment in Portland for the last five months.  He has shown some improvements but definitely needs to turn a big corner to be able to safely proceed with his life.  Please consider helping him with his ongoing medical bills as he is undergoing innovative, cutting edge treatment that is not covered by insurance.  Any amount helps and goes directly to his bills and PRAYERS for him are always appreciated so much!  Thank you!


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