Battling for Brynn

Ten year old Brynn’s battle with Ewing’s sarcoma continues.  Since December 2018, our amazing warrior has “thrived” while taking everything cancer, and the related treatment, can throw at her.  From many rounds of chemotherapy to two major thoracic surgeries to a brain surgery to radiation therapies, she has kept a “fight on” attitude through the physical and emotional highs and lows.   She has attempted to live life to the fullest through these never-ending days of treatments, keeping up with her horseback riding, soccer, school, friends and family time, raising bunnies, skiing, etc.  We strongly believe she has “thrived” during intense cancer treatments due to all the prayers lifting her up, holding on to her warrior mentality, and to the supportive/integrative care outside of the hospital walls.

With the recent spread of the cancer to her brain and other parts of her body, the current conventional treatment options are diminishing and do not seem very promising.  After much prayer, many consultations and due diligence, we have found some hopeful integrative care options and are seeking to put more of the balance on the integrative care treatment side of the scale.  The integrative care treatment over the last 3+ years has not been covered by insurance and been very costly.  These costs are scaling up substantially as we shift toward more intense integrative care.

Many people have asked how they can help and many people specifically have asked if they can give financially.  If that is how you would like to support Brynn and her family, any gifts will go toward Brynn’s supportive and integrative treatment, to the extent the funds are needed by her family.  Any remaining funds will be transferred to a foundation that we are setting up to help families who would like to support their child with integrate and/or supporting treatments (on their own or alongside conventional treatments).

To read a lot more on Brynn’s journey, please visit “Battling for Brynn” on Facebook.

With much gratitude and love,

The Wheelers

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