Boa, Drew – Ministry

Hi! My name is Drew Boa. I’m a professional life coach who mentors men to break free from pornography. Find out more about my ministry here DrewBoa

God has called me specifically to help young Christian men enter marriage porn-free. My mission is to save marriages before they start.

Unfortunately, men in their 20s can’t always afford my services. That’s where you come in. Through your tax-deductible donations, you can support a specific client who needs financial assistance. Each client is already paying for a portion of the monthly charges himself. He’s depending on people like you to cover the rest. Will you join us?

Together, we can save his marriage before it starts!

To donate using your credit card, click the above button titled “Credit Card Donation.” A processing fee of 3% will apply.

To avoid this fee by paying directly from your bank account, go to DrewBoaFlyer