Bobo, Benita & Dexter

“For those of you who might not know, my wife 32-year-old Benita, has been battling stage 4 bile duct cancer since November of 2019 and is as strong of a fighter as they come. She has continued to care and give to others even while struggling thru multiple different treatments for her cancer. She is the epitome of a selfless person. She’s not done fighting and still trying her best to stay strong. Since starting her latest chemotherapy treatment in December, Benita has made remarkable strides in her wellbeing. Despite this success we are well aware that unless she is miraculously healed, the rest of her life will involve treatments whether they are experimental or FDA-approved. So far, after her extensive debulking surgery in November of 2019, she has taken part in 3 different clinical trials, 2 stents of “regular” chemotherapy, and is currently on an FDA-approved drug called Futibatinib (for more detail you can read all about her story and stay updated here:


All donations are 100% tax deductible and will be used towards medical expenses (She is currently being treated at Emory and additionally monitored by MD Anderson in Houston Texas. MD Anderson is not covered by insurance.) and some bucket list travel expenses as well as a few bills as I am working less to spend more time with Benita. Thank you in advance for any and all donations. You are truly appreciated.

If you have any questions about specifics or want to know more about our situation, please contact:

Chris Hoben

(404) 259-4853


Kim Hoben

(404) 993-8659”


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