Brad & Laura Cruse

After more than a year of back pain, an MRI this past March revealed that Brad had a tumor growing from his spine.  Biopsy results confirmed that it was a chondrosarcoma, a rare cancer in a difficult place.  Surgery was recommended as the only treatment option.  After undergoing a 15 hour surgery to remove the tumor (along with some vertebrae and ribs) that was pressing against his esophagus, lung, and aorta, we awaited the final pathology report.  We were disappointed to learn that the tumor showed some dedifferentiation which requires 6.5 weeks of radiation followed by 8 rounds of chemo to eradicate the cancer.  Though we were not anticipating this extended treatment, we are grateful for the great care Brad is receiving at MD Anderson.  Above all, on this journey we have continually experienced God’s hand of provision for our family in very tangible ways through the body of Christ. We are so grateful.


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