Ty & Kristen Bryant

Ty and Kristen Bryant are the parents of 6 children, and periodically keep a 7th! They have 3 biological children (Lily, Levi, and Lyric) and a sibling set of 3 from foster care, including 2 (Isaiah and Maggie) whose adoptions have been finalized, and 1 (Millie) still in the adoption process). This sibling set of 3 has an older sister whom the Bryant’s care for on occasion for long weekends and multiple weeks in the summer when school is not in session.

Eventually Rosie (the oldest sibling) may come live with them permanently, but for now they are at peace with being involved in her life as often as the Lord allows. y works in full-time ministry helping churches develop foster care ministries with Promise686, and Kristen is a homemaker–4 of the 6 children currently in the home are not in full-time school yet.

Though Ty and Kristen are thankful for their current financial resources, they are finding it difficult to stretch what they currently bring in to cover some imminent needs they are have concerning the their growing family, including therapies and other medical needs of their bio and adopted children that will not be covered by state funding or scholarships. Here is a list of their greatest financial needs/wants:

  1. Educational needs for Levi, Maggie, and Isaiah: $15,000 + (includes various therapies (speech, sensory integration, full educational testing, occupational, and food/eating therapies are just a few of issues at hand)
  2. If you want to help with the cost of hiring someone to come in and help Kristen twice a week, as well as hiring someone to come in twice a month to clean the house: $1000/month for 6 – 12 months would help with some of the stress of laundry, afternoon carpools, doctors appointments, therapy appointments, etc…total for 12 months approximately $12,000
  3. Any amount of a monthly donation to the Bryant’s for the next 12 months to help with unexpected extra expenses would be greatly appreciated as well.

Anything you can give will be helpful, and the gratitude and thankfulness the Bryant’s have cannot be expressed adequately via words. Most importantly the Bryant’s covet your prayers. If you are unable to give or don’t’ feel led to give, please pray. That is truly the greatest gift you can give this family.

Thank you for partnering with them to love these vulnerable children well, and for helping give these children a loving home.

* All Donations are the property of Helping Hands Ministries and to be used at the discretion of Helping Hands Ministries.