Called 4 – A Women’s Jail Ministry

The jail ministry story:
In January of 2015, the Lord
led me into prison ministry, first volunteering for Christian Library
International, as a local Georgia board member and doing book and bible drives
in churches around Atlanta. Then in February 2018, as I was attending a meeting
of the Greater Gwinnett Reentry Alliance, the Lord challenged me to go INTO the
jail, and do church for the women.
I have been providing church
services for the women’s “pods” for several years.  I would hear bits and
pieces of the women’s stories, until one day, about a year ago, one of the
ladies who faithfully attended church services every week asked me “Do you do
minister visits?”  I said “NO, I don’t know what that is, but I will if
you need me to.” 
That sent me on a journey to
figure out how to do it, to go deeper and really “walk with the ladies”. The
Lord had me go get ordained as a minister. He then impressed on my heart to
“care for his daughters” and provide for their needs during their transitional
time in jail.