Cheryl Pobuda

Hello everyone,

Until last week, my daughter, Jenna Wood, was a healthy 29 year old. She was running around the lake by her apartment, playing with her dogs, and growing every vegetable and flower she could fit on her patio.

That all changed when she went to the emergency room on July 20th and was told she had Leukemia.. 9 days and dozens of tests later, the doctors told her she has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, an aggressive form of blood cancer that requires intense and immediate treatment.

The first part of her treatment involves a 28-day hospital stay filled with chemotherapy. From then on, she could require up to two years of treatment involving a few days a week in the hospital. This is definitely not something she planned for, and could use some help with expenses.

Your donation will go toward organic, healthy food, treatment, post-treatment recovery programs, travel and hotel expenses. Any amount of money that you can contribute to her healing journey is appreciated

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