Cindy Williams

Help for Mama Mia


Before her stroke 2 months ago, my mom, a.k.a. “Mama Mia”, was the rock of the family; full of energy, she cared about nothing other than taking care of her family.  Now she is a shell of that person: physically and cognitively confused and debilitated.  I quickly recalled the words she spoke during her career as a lifelong nurse, “please never put me in a nursing home”.  So even though I am employed full-time, I welcomed the chance to care for her myself at home 24/7.


I soon realized that Mama Mia needs considerably more care than I am able to provide.  I am trying to gather the funds needed to place her in a modest personal care home where she can live out her last days with the respect she deserves, but I need help.  I need an additional $1,500 per month to cover the cost.  I realize what a huge ask that is, one I fought against doing for as long as I could.  But now, I’m asking.  Would you please prayerfully consider helping, on either a monthly basis or a one-time gift?  If so, we would be forever grateful and indebted.

Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus.


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