Conner Barton

On May 16th, Conner’s mom Cristina was at a doctor’s visit for Conner’s younger brother, Corbin. While the nurse was in the room, Cristina took the opportunity to ask the nurse about a small bump on Conner’s leg. The nurse and doctor looked and ordered an immediate X-ray. Unfortunately, the x-ray showed a growth on Conner’s right femur, and the doctor delivered the news that it didn’t look good. Two days later, they were able to get Conner in for a consult at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando. The Oncologist confirmed it looked like cancer and set appointments for an MRI & biopsy. The MRI took place the following Wednesday, with the biopsy following the next day. The results gave Conner’s tumor a name, Osteosarcoma, and confirmed it was growing and aggressive. In the span of two weeks, Conner, Cristina and Justin went from planning their summer break to preparing to fight a battle with cancer.


Conner had a port put in and on June 3, he started chemotherapy. The first section of Chemo lasted 11 weeks. Recently the doctors operated on Conner, removed Conner’s femur, and replaced it with a prosthetic rod. After the procedure, the plan is for Conner to endure another 5-7 months of chemo along with rehabilitation of his leg. Conner’s total treatment will last a minimum of 8-10 months.


Current Day Update:

The most recent report showed minimal chemotherapy response <than 20 percent huvos Grade 1-2. When the chemo treatment started a CT scan showed two modules, now there are currently 3 nodules in his lungs.  In addition to that the tumor that was removed with Conner’s femur grew compared to the first measurements taken. As you can imagine money is very tight for the family and is an added level of stress outside of Conner’s situation due to hospital bills piling up and days of worked being missed due to treatment and testing. In addition to monetary donations, we are asking for prayers for Conner and his family, along with everyone involved with his treatment.

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