Dan & Shelly Owens

Dan, a husband, and father of five, suffered a hemorrhagic stroke while playing tennis on November 6, 2023.  Dan was physically active and had never had any health concerns.  After a 4-week hospital and in-patient rehab stay, Dan returned home where he continued outpatient therapy.  On December 28, just days before returning to his job, Dan experienced a second stroke that was undiagnosed by neurologists for 8 days.  Both strokes, the lack of early treatment of the 2nd stroke, and a recent diabetes diagnosis have negatively impacted his health in significant ways.

Dan has not been able to work since the first stroke, and with a disability income that is only a portion of his normal salary, his family is suffering under the financial stress of household and medical bills.  Dan is in need of a specialized in-patient rehabilitation center and insurance will only cover a portion of his time there.

Dan and his wife, Shelly, are strong Christians who are trusting God’s good and perfect will each day.  They are extremely grateful for your support and prayers during this difficult season.

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