Danielle Boudrot

“On January 27, 2023, Danielle was at work when she began not feeling well and had some strange symptoms. By God’s providence, the non-profit organization she works for had a local paramedic who just happened to be in the office that day to lead staff through CPR and medical response training in case of an emergency. Danielle had some more severe symptoms during the middle of the class, and the paramedic was there to help. When the paramedic saw Danielle’s symptoms, she loaded her in her own private vehicle and drove her to the hospital where Danielle had an even more severe seizure. We thank God that when Danielle had her worst symptoms, she was with a medical professional.

Danielle had a CT scan and an MRI at the hospital, and they discovered a tumor on her brain. The main side effect of the tumor is seizures. The neurosurgeon explained brain surgery would be necessary. Doctors put Danielle on seizure medications, and she is now home waiting for surgery to be scheduled. She has had dozens of seizures since being home.

Danielle is married to Taylor, a firefighter, and they have a beautiful one-year-old daughter. If you know Danielle, you have undoubtedly experienced her genuine love for others and her joyful and positive spirit that flows out of her relationship with the Lord. She and Taylor have spent so much of their lives helping others who are in crisis – Taylor as a firefighter and Danielle assisting children in the foster care system. Now is an opportunity for their family, friends, and others who may hear their story to come alongside them during this time.

The medical costs associated with Danielle’s condition and surgery will be significant, and already the bills have begun coming in. We have set up this tax-deductible fund to assist in paying their bills.

We invite you to help support Danielle and Taylor during this challenging time (Galatians 6:2). Our prayer is that the body of Christ can help lift the financial burden incurred from these health challenges and display God’s great love and love and provision for Danielle and Taylor.

Please join us in contributing financially and praying for Danielle’s complete healing and recovery.”

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