David Ridgway

David Ridgway, 60, is married to his wife Rose of 32 years and together have built a Godly foundation for their 5 children. Rose has homeschooled all 5 kids and David has been the sole provider for his family, and a godly leader in their church.

David was admitted to the hospital in December 2021 with COVID and put on the ventilator. Within a few weeks of great care and much prayer he miraculously recovered fully. Only a few months later he started having stomach issues and was being treated for an ulcer. By the end of August they drained over 2 gallons of fluid from his abdomen and was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. His diagnoses is treatable not curable.

In September they drained more fluid and admitted him to the hospital after losing 70 pounds, where he stayed the next month to get his pain under control and start chemo treatments. David continues his chemo every other week and is able to be at home.

David has not been physically able to work the last 6 months. Being self-employed their finances are drained and they have continued medical and monthly living expenses. Many people have been praying daily for David’s healing, Let’s bless them financially to get them back on their feet, to lessen the stress as they continue this fight.

Thank you to everyone as you continue to pray and financially help David & Rose! God Bless you, as you bless them!

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