Devon McDonald

Devon and Shereasher have been married for twenty four years. We live in Indianapolis, Indiana and have been blessed with two awesome daughters Jazzmine and Rachel. We worked in the ministry of Sports World for eighteen and sixteen years respectively.   

Today we serve in the ministry of Athletes in Action located in Zena, OH it is a NonProfit organization that’s under the umbrella of Cru Ministry, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ. 

The ministry seeks to use this major platform of athletics to impact people for Jesus Christ and help them live a faith filled life. 

The vision is to have a Christ follower on Every Team, in Every Sports, in Every Nation. 

Shereasher and I are humbled and honored to be the Pro- NFL Directors to the Athletes in Action’s chaplains. 

Our responsibilities are to minister and serve these Chaplains.  

Currently we have 13 couples (husbands and wives) chaplains however 9 couples are active on teams in the NFL. The Chaplains minister to the players, 

the coaches, the front office staff of the NFL clubs, in addition the wives/ girlfriends of the players and the wives/girlfriends of the coaches. 

Our aim is to Win(evangelism) them to Christ, Build (disciple) them in the Word of God and Send them to impact others like they have been.  

This is how we are helping to fulfill the Great Commission.  

We are passionate about the ministry that God has called us to.  



Devon & Shereasher McDonald 

Athletes in Action  

Pro-NFL Associate Directors 

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