Douglas E. Murphy – Parkinson Medical Fund

Douglas E. Murphy – My Situation July 10, 2019

A cardiologist determined that I was disabled in 2002. A severe case of rheumatic fever in early childhood affected my heart valves. The second (2006) of two heart surgeries replaced my aortic and mitral valves with mechanical valves. In 2009, a neurologist diagnosed me with Parkinson disease. A pacemaker was implanted in 2017 and I live with permanent atrial fibrilation, as well as the PD.

Financial difficulties have always been a challenge, especially since I have had no salary since the year 2003, and I have received no federal or state government aid.

My wife and I are now seeking the Lord’s help through others who are blessed to give. We have exhausted most of our funds. She continues to work full-time. The reason for this project with Helping Hands Ministries is for her to be at home with me full-time. I am 74 and she is 71. Our 50th anniversary is August 9, 2019. May His will be done and may all who give be blessed beyond measure. We thank Him and you.

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