Edwards Family

Edwards Family

Nadia tragically lost her husband, Eric, while he was at a river with their children this past July. One of the children fell into the river and was struggling. Eric jumped in to help but drowned in the process. Another bystander was able to rescue the child who was not physically harmed.

Eric and Nadia had a blended family with 10 children between them. Nadia now faces a long journey ahead to raise and provide for these wonderful children by herself.

Currently, her house is in significant need of repair to make sure the house is safe and livable for her children. Immediate needs include fixing a leaking roof, repairing water and structural damage, and preventing future water damage.

More about The Edwards Family:

Eric was an incredible person, family man, and veteran held in high regard by all. It’s difficult to articulate the loss experienced by Nadia, the children, extended family, neighbors, and many people in the community. Eric’s charisma made him well-loved in his various circles of influence. Whether coaching his kids’ sports, doing house repairs for neighbors, or caring for his extended family, Eric was a beacon of light and laughter for many.

Eric and Nadia were a dynamic duo and easily earned the respect of many as they lead their family and lives with enthusiasm and intentionality. Nadia serves as a Transitional Coach at Immerse Arkansas, a nonprofit which serves youth who have run away, are homeless, or aging out of foster care. Nadia is among the most beloved coaches. The young people she serves often achieve success because of her warmth, unconditional support, and fierce persistence that her youth are capable of succeeding.

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