Igor Klishchenko

Meet Igor Klishchenko: “If
orphans need a Father’s
love, I will bring it to them!”
Ministry to orphans has become a way of life for Igor and his family. Igor presents in his own words his mission to Russian orphans:
“Beginning in January of 2007, I have had the opportunity to work in several state agencies in the Kaluga Region for orphans and children left without parental care. More than 1400 children have been able to get to know me, befriend me and receive the most precious gift in life, which is salvation through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. “Now I feel responsible for the souls of these children who
face the biggest challenges in their lives. I consider it my duty to be with these children and to give them the
spiritual and material support they need by developing their personal relationship with God. “I am willing to give my time and expertise to help the orphans in their need. My wife is my assistant in this ministry, and my kids have grown up in this ministry. They have become special friends to and an inspiration for many orphans. My family has served as a model of a Christian family and a picture of hope for these
children to live for.  “For further ministry to orphans, we need prayer and financial support. We need people who are willing to bear
with us this burden.  “When you reap your harvest in the field and forget a sheaf in the field, then do not go back and get it. Leave it
for the stranger, the orphan and the widow, that the Lord thy God may bless you in all the work of your hands”
(Deuteronomy 24: 19).
“Often I am given the opportunity to work full time in a Government Orphan camp. This is a unique opportunity
for me to help these children in a personal way. These children come from orphanages, boarding schools and
from bad families. Much of my time is also spent in mentoring, discipling and encouraging older teens who are
no longer in the orphanage. “Without consistent monthly support as a missionary, I will not be able to continue in this work. I am asking for
God to provide regular monthly support so I can minister to these children full time.”
• To take care of orphans and to give special attention to their needs.
• To develop programs for junior and secondary school age.
• To participate in the adaptation of children to an independent life after leaving the orphanage.
• To combine children into groups to create a favorable environment of communication and mutual
exchange of experiences on adapting to modern life and find God’s family.
“Orphans need a father’s love and their Father’s love … and I am ready to bring this love to them!”

With love in Christ,
Igor Klishchenko

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