Iris Baker

After having to be on disability a few years ago, life as I know it changed forever. Then, I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and, as everyone would know, living on a fixed income and having bills and a son is challenging. We’ve been out a car for a month and I was told it would be $6000 to fix the transmission. I cried. I don’t have anywhere near that amount of money and I can’t afford a down payment on a new car. I have called about 30 transmission shops around metro areas and found a place that will do it for over $3,500 but I don’t even have that.  Spending money on Uber to get to my follow ups, which are important after having breast cancer, is even worse. I never ask for anything from anyone. Those that know me know that I always come up with something, but this time it has been over a month and I just can’t do it. I desperately need help with fixing my car as that is the cheapest route to go. I’ll be grateful with any help. No amount is too small as it all adds up. Thank you so much.


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