Jay Carr & Family

CJ Carr embodies the spirit of the “Comeback Kid.” Through difficult early years, the loss of his brother, and a painful journey of Achilles repair, CJ found himself starting his high school years in top form. Respected and loved by peers and teachers, CJ was a known leader at school, at church, and on the baseball field. In 2018, CJ sustained a severe concussion after a fall at home. He recovered in three months and all seemed well. Six months after his initial accident, CJ was hit in the head with a baseball. It took three months to recover back to physical activity and another three months for cognitive rehab. Yet, by January of 2020, CJ was doing well in school, holding a part time job, and declared leader and top of the lineup on his baseball team. Unfortunately, he was accidentally tackled by a teammate on 2/13/20. The whiplash triggered a severe post concussion syndrome with new onset dysautonomia. It took weeks of ER visits for chest pain, paralysis, fatigue, headaches and erratic heart rate/blood pressure to verify the diagnosis. After nearly a year of therapy and medications, CJ still suffered daily. Then, we found Dr. Harch in New Orleans and were given a little bit of hope through hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

CJ is 17 years old and wants to enter his Senior Year a healthy young man, full of the hope and potential any young man deserves at the start of their adult life. All of our funds for college, savings, and retirement have been nearly exhausted for medical bills and necessary therapy. We need an additional $30-$40K for more hyperbaric treatments, physical therapy, training and tutoring.

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