Jody O’Callaghan


For many years, I have been struggling to resolve a myriad of symptoms that are progressively eroding my vitality and quality of life.  Numerous specialists have been consulted to no avail. Functional medicine has provided some temporary relief, but is unable to directly address the cause. I now know that the only solution is surgical; and, my resources are maxed out.

The root cause stems from a 2004 breast cancer diagnosis.After my breast was partially removed/mangled and restored based on their recommendations with saline implants,…  it was confirmed that I did NOT have breast cancer. Too much ink was used which distorted the findings. Can you imagine? These breast implants have never EVER felt right inside me. In addition, part of my pectoralis muscle which facilitates most arm movements, was surgically removed. Six years later, I lost the use of my dominant arm to permanent nerve damage, pain and dysfunction. The Social Security Administration officially disabled me in 2010. The losses were overwhelming.

Weird symptoms began to occur, vanish and then reoccur, persist and intensify. These include breast spasms, musculoskeletal, joint and back pain, digestive issues, headaches, cutaneous skin rashes, puritis (itchiness), brain fog, vertigo, fevers, insomnia, hair thinning, a metallic taste in the mouth, fatigue, and a deep and abiding sadness. This constellation of conditions is crippling me physically, mentally and emotionally. My spiritual practices and helping others sustain me.

I’ve only recently learned that my symptoms correlate with hundreds of thousands of other women who have Breast Implant Illness. This highly contentious non-diagnosis. Breast surgery is a top plastic surgery procedure.  Nearly every plastic surgeon (20+) I’ve paid to see has told me that the implants are fine; that there is no evidence to support causation; called my claim anecdotal; and, I’m referred to oncology because I can’t shake the 2004 debacle. My experience has been dismissed, discounted,  and my judgement and sanity challenged. I’m in EMDR therapy for this ongoing trauma which is compounded by the unresolved PTSD of the past. Thank God, I have a supremely competent and benevolent therapist.

There is a doorway, but it is most likely in another country: I need help to go through it. A few friends who are aware of my journey and my financial needs have expressed the desire to contribute to the costs. One friend in particular put me in touch with an organization called Helping Hands…a 501.3c that helps match donors with folks in need. God bless her. After vetting my situation, my medical and mental health care costs have been approved as a project by Helping Hands. They will accept tax-deductible donations on my behalf for my ongoing care. They charge an 8% fee on all donations for the cost of running their ministry.  The remaining dollars go directly toward paying bills that I submit to them. I will receive a list of donor names, but not the amounts. People can also give anonymously, if desired.

Given the heartfelt support I have received from a small circle of friends, I thought I might share this information with a wider circle of friends. Please don’t feel obligated to contribute. Some friends have mentioned contacts they know who would be interested in giving toward a project like this and I welcome this targeted type of sharing. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’ve included a flyer that details how contributions can be made. Regardless of donations, I appreciate your friendship and consideration. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

With love,


* All Donations are the property of Helping Hands Ministries and to be used at the discretion of Helping Hands Ministries.