Joel Hundley

I visited Colombia in 2015 and had the opportunity to go into 4 prisons a total of 9 times and give my testimony. It was awesome to see how God was able to use my own bad past and mistakes to glorify Him and reach these guys who were without hope. In 2020 I had the opportunity to move to Colombia as a tent maker missionary, meaning instead of raising support I worked 3 days a week for a virtual call center in the US and was able to have the other days off to work with the prison ministry.

In April of this year, my company where I am employed decided I could no longer work remotely from outside of the US. Since then I have been working in the US for 2 months then making a trip to Colombia for a week to 10 days to visit my wife and 2 small children and pop into prison ministry events. I know God has called me to Colombia to help the poor and I have decided to go full time in the ministry and raise support so that I can live in Colombia once more and dedicate all my effort to working with the prison ministry.

I am so grateful that you are interested in considering partnering with me and my family to continue this important labor of love.

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