John Mark and Lesa Williams

Shakespeare once wrote, “What’s in a name?”, and there’s a lot in the name John Mark Williams!  “Mark”, to family and friends, is synonymous for cowboy, electrician, father, husband, friend, Christian, selfless, and loyal.

In March 2022, Mark was diagnosed with avid malignant neoplasm of the larynx and hypopharynx in the supraglottic location: cancer of the throat.  The tumor was on his vocal cords, stage 3, and contained.  While having the cancer contained was good news, due to the location and stage it was in, there was no option for surgery and the fight was on.  Mark went through 7 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy.  The chemo was given every Monday and radiation was given every day, Monday through Friday.  The treatment was hard, and it took its toll on Mark.  Swallowing became almost impossible, nausea was daily, his neck burned and blistered, his strength and stamina diminished, and he needed transfusions and additional fluids on a regular basis.  Despite his illness and what he was having to endure, he was determined to live and get through it because he had things he wanted to do.  The two most important things that pushed him forward were to see his daughter graduate in May from Texas A&M and then to walk her down the aisle a few days later. The Holy Trinity gave Mark the strength that was needed.  Not only did he attend graduation, but he also walked her down the aisle, AND had the strength to have the father-daughter dance. The picture posted is of them walking down the aisle and he was 2 days shy from the end of his treatments.  God was gracious! Mark is still recovering, and his voice has been reduced to a whisper. However, we are claiming complete restoration of his voice because we know ALL things are possible with God.  The burns on his neck have healed and the hair that he lost has slowly begun to grow back.  As with most cancer patients, Mark will go back every 3 months for a cancer follow up.  His last visit with the Radiology Oncologist proved positive and she was happy with what she saw.

Mark retired from the City of College Station 12 years ago and had no medical insurance when he was diagnosed.  Unfortunately, due to the rising cost of insurance, Mark dropped coverage a couple of years ago.  Mark applied for medical assistance with the hospital but was denied because he isn’t at poverty level.  He couldn’t qualify for disability because he was retired.  The journey has been costly, and the bills are large.  If you choose to donate, THANK YOU! Any donation made will go directly to pay for medical bills.  Thanks for reading about Mark and keeping him lifted in prayer!

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