Julia Failla – Medical Project

Our precious 18 year old daughter, Julia Failla, has spent the last 4 years battling severe chronic illness. She has endured much pain and horrific symptoms, along with the confusion of misdiagnosis by many doctors while her health continued to decline. Her eventual diagnosis of Lyme Disease and co-infections of Lyme has led her on a painful and heartbreaking journey of suffering, and has also led to financial hardships for our family as we have sought treatment for our sweet daughter.

Julia was always a healthy, vibrant and active child. She developed a love of tennis from a very young age and was playing in tournaments all over the country by the age of 12. She also displayed an incredible love for learning and was always at the top of her class. She was always full of life!

In October of 2017, when Julia was 15, she started to notice swelling on the right side of her face, which continued down her neck and into her arms. She also started having extreme pain and fatigue. Julia went from being a top athlete to barely being able to get up and go to school, let alone try to play tennis. We pursued many specialists at Children’s Hospital, went through months and months of ER visits and even a hospital stay, but they all ended in frustration with no apparent diagnosis.

After this Julia was put on a strict diet (no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, basically only broth and vegetables) for two months.  Her symptoms did not improve and she continued to have unbearable pain, swelling, and fatigue. The doctor believed that she had a leaky gut, but even with the strict diet along with supplements her health worsened. We also discovered a mold source in our home that we thought might be making her sick, and our doctor advised us to sell our home because Julia’s toxic load was so high. Later, however, we found out that her toxicity was due to chronic Lyme Disease and every single one of its terrible co-infections.

It’s so scary to see your child suffer so badly. This has been the toughest journey for our family as we watch Julia continue to suffer. She is such a trooper and fights so hard every day to get up and continue to live despite the pain. She recently was announced Valedictorian of her high school, and we are so proud of her. We know that it takes everything within her just to get out of bed in the morning, take her medication, and live to fight another day. We hope her story will encourage the medical community to pursue better testing for the detection of tick-borne illnesses, and to help seriously ill patients such as Julia that are suffering so badly while being misdiagnosed.

Julia’s new health plan involves treatments and injections that will help her body fight this insidious Lyme Disease. The type of SOT treatment that Julia needs is estimated to cost $30,000. It is hard for us to share our financial burden, but we do so because we are committed to doing whatever it takes to help our precious daughter be well.  As Julia’s parents, we ask that you pray for her full recovery and healing, and we thank you for considering financially supporting her treatment.

Love, the Failla family

Greg, Katrina, Jessica, Joshua, Julia, and Joel

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