Kyle and Bracey Mayo

In October 2019, a chest X-ray and subsequent testing confirmed that Bracey had stage IV Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She completed six months of chemotherapy at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville and reached remission in May 2020; however, she relapsed in October 2020.

After her cancer failed to respond fully to subsequent, second-line chemotherapy, Bracey received three months of immunotherapy, which elicited an initial, although only partial, response. She then completed another chemotherapy regimen in hopes of receiving a clear PET scan to become eligible for an autologous stem cell transplant (ASCT). Thankfully, that chemo resulted in a clear scan in August of 2021; Bracey and Kyle also pursued treatment recommendations from MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, one of the world’s preeminent treatment facilities for relapsed lymphoma patients.

Bracey has since been admitted to MD Anderson and is currently undergoing procedures for the transplant. The ASCT will combine approximately 4-5 weeks of inpatient care, followed by another 4-5 weeks of outpatient recovery locally in Houston. Furthermore, she will need a final 4-5 weeks of radiation at MD Anderson once recovery from the ASCT has concluded—quite a stint in the Lonestar state.

Throughout the course of care described above, Bracey’s family have experienced disruption to normal day-to-day life and encountered other, various challenges. Kyle has continued to work full-time to support Bracey and family, while Bracey’s and Kyle’s families and friends look after and care for Maggie and Hugh back home in Tennessee. Their community has rallied behind them every step of the way, proving over and over how deeply they are loved.

The Mayo’s remain thankful for the generosity, graciousness, and love so many of their family, friends, and even complete strangers have afforded them through this two-year long battle. They are confident in God’s grace and in his power as, “The Great Physician.” They are looking forward to a time free from hospital stays, treatment, and last—but not least—cancer. A lifelong music afficionado, Beatle-maniac, and all-around groovy person, Bracey is particularly looking forward to attending her next set of live concerts and celebrating healing with so many who love her.

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