Laurie & Zeke Edwards – Education Fund

Jake, Laurie, and Zeke Edwards moved to Nashville, Tennessee in October of 2019.  Jake had a new business opportunity, so they left the only home they’d ever known in Kansas City and started a new adventure.  When COVID hit in 2020, Zeke started his kindergarten education at home.  His mom and dad learned quickly that Zeke wasn’t learning successfully with traditional teaching methods.  They began researching what they observed and over time learned that Zeke has a unique learning style and would need specialized education that neither they nor the public school was able to provide. Eventually he was enrolled in Hoover Learning Group in early 2021 where he quickly made progress.  Even though the tuition was a challenge, Jake and Laurie made their sons educational needs a priority.  Then in June of 2021 the family was devastated when Jake was in a tragic accident and didn’t survive.  Because he provided the families income this fund has been established to make it possible for Zeke to continue building a strong educational foundation at Hoover Learning Group.

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