Mark and Katrina Watson

Katrina was diagnosed in 2019 with an extremely rare Stage IV cancer (only 50 ever recorded in medical history) that had metastasized from her foot to numerous tumors in the lungs. After seeking diagnosis & treatment at several top cancer centers around the country, no known conventional treatment exists.

The cancer returned to her foot in 2020, as well as a new fast-growing tumor discovered in her lungs in 2023. These were both treated with radiation (still waiting in regard to success of last radiation series).

Meanwhile, Mark was shockingly diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer in 2022 and has been receiving ongoing treatment. Needless to say, we realize more than ever the fragility of life – appreciating each and every day we have with our family and friends!

Because there are literally hundreds of tumors now in Katrina’s lungs and there is no conventional treatment, we are living with the reality of growth at any moment. We decided, through much prayer and research, to use integrative, functional treatment to prevent/minimize growth, and possibly kill these tumors. Because of the positive atmosphere and ongoing research at the Cancer Center for Healing, we are extremely optimistic regarding the outcome. Unfortunately, Medicare & health insurance does not cover integrative treatments which are not inexpensive! At this point, Katrina’s medical treatment is dependent on donations as financial resources have dried up. We would be so grateful for any donation, and as always, prayers. Your support means the world to us!

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